Could the ruined stone platforms found on the Town Site, the open rectangular site at the summit of Cape Dauphin, be modern constructions built in 1989 by the gravel company that worked on cape as platforms they built for test drills?

The gravel company, Kelly Rock, did all their work on the plateau to the southwest of the ruined Town Site as shown on this map.  The openings in the forest that the gravel company left on the site after their feasibility study in 1989 – small, simple rectangular openings that they cleared of undergrowth and trees - are located only on this plateau.  They did no work on the Town Site.   The ruined stone platforms that appear to be ancient constructions, like those shown in these two photographs, are found only on the Town Site and so cannot be accounted for by any modern work. 

A map of Cape Dauphin showing the location of the drilling platforms left by the gravel company during their 1989 site investigation.   Those clearings are more than a kilometer to the southwest of the ruined stone platforms on the Town Site.  The Town Site platforms appear to be ancient and are unaccounted for in any historical record of the region.  


Photographs of the remains of two stone platforms found on the Town Site.