Has the Island Of Seven Cities been translated into Chinese

The book was published in China in 2009 by SDX Joint Publishing Company, one of the leading publishing companies in the country. 

The front cover of the Chinese edition.

It was published under the author’s Chinese name:

The author’s Chinese name: Xia Yay Song


The author’s Chinese name, given to him by the publishing company, evolved from the French pronunciation of his last name, Chiasson..  The pronunciation translates into Pinyin, or Mandarin written in Romanized characters, as Xia Yay Song.  When spoken quickly (the final “g” is silent) it sounds like Chiasson.  This Chinese name translates back into English as “Summer Second Pine Tree”.  The author’s family name, Xia, or Summer, is a common surname in China.  The author’s given name, Yay Song, or Second Pine Tree, not only sounds like the last two syllables of his Western surname, it also indicates that he is a second son.  In the days before single child laws in China, many parents would give this name to their second son in hopes of him growing tough and strong like a towering pine.